You might like… Jazzie B on James Brown (BBC Great Lives series)

Image credits: Alexandre Dulaunoy (cc by-sa 2.0)

There’s an interesting 30 minute exploration of James Brown’s colourful life here, courtesy of the BBC and Radio 4.

Matthew Parris invites his guests to nominate the person whom they feel is a great life. In this programme, music entrepreneur and DJ Jazzie B of Soul II Soul chooses American singer and musician, James Brown, ‘the Godfather of Funk’. 

Jazzie B, who was awarded a CBE for services to black British music, spent time with James Brown towards the end of his life and says he became ‘like a big brother’ to him. Here, together with music journalist Charles Shaar Murray, they talk to Matthew about why they believe ‘Mr Brown’ is a Great Life.

Producer: Maggie Ayre.

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Week 3 Lecture A materials: Soul, funk and protest

Lecture slides

Med332 soul, funk and protest (civil rights movement) from Rob Jewitt

Video playlist 

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Further reading

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Week 2 Lecture B materials: Music and the American counter-culture

These lecture slides may differ a little from Professor Storey’s presentation but they should be helpful.

Video playlist:

Recommended screening:

Born To Be Wild – The Golden Age of American Rock – Part 1 of 3. Broadcast 27th January 2014, BBC4 [show link]

Recommended reading:

Alf Louvre & Jeffrey Walsh (1988) Tell me lies about Vietnam: cultural battles for the meaning of the war, Milton Keynes: Open University Press [library link]

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See also John Storey (2010) Culture and Power in Cultural Studies: The Politics of Signification, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

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