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Screening room update

Image credits: Bartosch Salmanski (cc by-nc 2.0)

Due to the popularity of the module, we’ve had to move the screening slot. It was scheduled to take place on Monday at 3pm in MC235 – a classroom that could accommodate up to 28 students.  We now have in excess of 50 students registered on the module.

The screening slot will now take place in the Media Centre Cinema at 5pm in MC207. This will be after the Monday lecture – not ideal – but we are a victim of our own popularity and there’s lots of pressure when it comes to finding large rooms for 2 hour blocks (as this means that 2 one-hour lectures can’t take place in such a room).

Also, on two dates (Sept 22nd and October 6th) we will actually have the screenings in Prospect 009 as the Cinema is already booked out.

Where possible, we will highlight alternate online resources to access the vast majority of the films screened on the module.

Welcome to pop-music-cult

Image credits: Blixt (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

There’s not a lot of material on this website currently, but that’s going to change over the next few weeks as lecture notes and material related to the module gets added.

In addition the module’s assessment involves the students writing their own case studies of various musical genres and musicians.

Exactly what will be required is going to be revealed in the very near future, so stay tuned