Week 5 task: the legacy of Prog!

This week we are looking at the elaborating forms of rock music that were born out of the ashes of the psychedelic countercultural rock. What we’d like to hear is your take on the legacy of progressive rock. Music that tends to be one of the following:
– symphonic in structure
– conceptually driven
– epic in scale
– often lengthy tracks

Are any contemporary artists indulging in Prog or is it still a dirty word? Any musicians still clinging to the notion of high concept music?

Add tracks to the playlist below:
Spotify playlist

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Week 2 Task

This week I’d like to test the collaborative capabilities of Spotify. I’ve created a playlist entitled ‘MED332 Week 2 Task Black popular music

  1. I’d like you to add a song that you think best represents the appropriation of black music by a different culture. I’ve started it off with Elvis’s cover of Arthur Crudup.
  2. Leave a comment below explaining your choice
  3. Be prepared to explain your selection in class

If you want to read some articles dealing with this topic (for inspiration) then try this Time feature, this Noisey/Vice article, and this article from the Daily Beast

You should be able to find it using one of the following links:

MED332 Week 2 Task Black popular music (web URL)

MED332 Week 2 Task Black popular music (Spotify URL)