Recommended readings

Each lecture/session may come with some specific recommended readings. Readings can also occasionally be found underneath the blog posts that contain the lecture notes.

Use the sub-headings via the websites drop-down menu in this section to quickly locate some useful background reading.

Week 1: why study popular music

Week 1: popular music and consumerism

Week 2: American black popular music

Week 2: Music and the American counter-culture

Week 3: Soul music, protest and civil rights

Week 3: Afrobeat and the politics of Fela Kuti

Week 4: Roots, rock, reggae: the politics of Bob Marley

Week 5: Progressive rock?

Week 5: Heavy metal

Week 6: Punk and art rock

Week 6: Post-punk

Week 7: Disco and dancing

Week 7: The birth of hip hop

Week 9: Gangsta rap and gender problems

Week 9: Rap: authenticity, commercialism and capitalism

Week 10: Electronic music production

Week 10: Dance music cultures

Week 11: Britpop

Week 11: Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll?

Week 12: Boybands

Week 12: Women in pop

Further Reading: Englishness and folk

Further Reading

There are a few helpful academic journals that address popular music. Some of these require a subscription (which the University has) and others are locked behind a pay-wall with some free content available. The following may be useful:

Popular Music (Cambridge) – University subscription provided

Rock Music Studies (Routledge) – some issues are free to access

Popular Music and Society (Taylor Francis) – University subscription not provided. Some issue are free

Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture (open access) – free

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