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You might like… Windrush Episode 3

The BBC ran a TV series called Windrush: A British Story in 2008. It looked at the impact and legacy of the influx of Caribbean migrants to the UK in the middle of the 20th century.

This intersects nicely with the themes of this week’s sessions, especially the lecture on black British music. You can watch it via YouTube below:

Lecture materials

Week 4 Lecture A materials: Roots, rocks, reggae: the politics of Bob Marley

Med332 roots, rocks, reggae the politics of bob marley from Rob Jewitt


Further reading

Andy Bennett (2001) Cultures of Popular Music, Buckingham: Open University Press. Chapter 5 ‘Reggae and Rasta Culture’ [Google Books]

Lloyd Bradley (2001) Bass Culture: When Reggae Was King,  London: Penguin [Amazon]

Dick Hebdige (1979) Subculture: The Meaning of Style, Methuen,  Chapter 3.

Simon Philo (2011) ‘“They Got to Go”: Ska versus America’, in Response, Issue 9, [link]